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our story

Geek Girls Society started in 2015 in a comic book store as a way of helping young girls, passionate about their fandoms, navigate the murky waters of growing up a fangirl.  

When you're a fangirl, the place you explore your fandom is primarily online.  While it's an amazing place to connect with the people who share your passions, it's also a place where even the strongest of us can feel bullied, belittled, and attacked.  It can be overwhelming and dangerous for a young girl still figuring out who she is.

As the group has evolved, we have moved into our own space, hosting 3 houses and sharing space with Geek Girls Forever.  We have also just launched a group that permanently meets online, so geeky girls from all over have a safe space to meet up.

This gives girls a safe place to celebrate their fandoms IRL, while teaching them to be the right KIND of geek girl.  You know, the one who is proud of being a geek, the one who doesn't put others down, the one who stands up for the right to be exactly who she is and loves her fellow geek-kind.

And so the Geek Girls Society was born. Then the grownup Geeks were a bit jealous of their awesomeness, and so another child was born: Geek Girls Forever.

our motto

A strong Geek Girl always respects herself, shows respect for other geeks and their fandoms, and celebrates her fandoms with joy, pride, and passion.


Tel: (661) 505-8801


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